ok, some med science here… Blood in sperm (hematospermia) is generally quite treatable, and often resolves on its own. There are a lot of reasons of loss of appetite, most also treatable. *However*, the sudden appearance of BOTH at once is never good news; http://ift.tt/1yJTfWu All other reputable sites also point to a tumour in the prostrate. Though the link i posted has only the big C as a cause, benign tumours can do it too. As i’ve been having benign tumours of late (liver and kidney), i’m still not too too worried. google search; hematospermia +”loss of appetite” yields only one pertinent result. Using ‘sperm in blood’ gives a lot of results, but none where the two symptoms are combined. I’m amazed how depressing this is. That extra little spice of ‘ooo, nice looking woman’ is apparently vital to my physhological well-being. now, seeing a pair of tits will only reinforce my ability to count to two. And I miss food!

9 Jan

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